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We will bring IP and get more ROI

than with any alternatives.


  • The intelligent agents can be used to cut costs, to better manage customer relations and to make faster revenue management decisions by automating work processes.
  • The increases in productivity depend on focusing on product improvement (10-25%), new innovations (25-50%), or new paradigms (100-300%).
  • You can get work done by others but there is an enormous scarcity in people with experience in developing AI for large corporations.
  • The alternatives are The Big Four (EY, PWC, KPMR, Deloitte ,and their counterparts; McKenzie, Bain, BCG) who do the same type of work for all other corporations, charge an enormous price, and do not include IP. These organizations, depending on the industry, may be your competitors. They will give you custom programs but not bespoke ones.
  • Your in-house IT people may be very competent but do not have the experience with AI and your best people are in demand for other work.
  • There are any startups that have raised a great deal of money but they have never done a deal. These startups have a 96% failure rate.

We are a great option for your AI so you should let us meet you and prove our value.


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